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 Adult Book News and Staff Recommendations

We’ve all done it and we all regret it. I print a recipe from online and three frustrating hours later I realize that it is a UK recipe and the measurements are in metric. Still with no edible gingerbread, I try to find another recipe online, but wonder as to its origin. Then I call my mother who opens up one of her baking books. 
With all the changes in the world coming thick and fast, there is still a huge need for good cookbooks in your personal library. They are full of reference, inspiration, and experience from a trusted source - all in one place. 

Since the best cookbooks arrive in stores at this time of year, and include some of the most stunning photography in the book industry, they also make great gifts. This year’s holiday catalog selections cover a range of experience levels and interests; there is even a cheese book for people like me who barely qualify as “cooks” at all! 

- Andrew, Adult Book Buyer

America the CookbookAmerica: The Cookbook by Gabrielle Langholtz

For me, there is no better way to discover the diversity that is America than through food, a universal common denominator. This cookbook takes you on a food journey through the 50 states with 800 delicious and authentic American dishes. It's perfect for anyone who loves food, cooking, and the traditions behind them!

- Karen


A Grandfather’s Lessons: In the Kitchen with Shorey by Jacques Pepin A Grandfather's Lessons Jacques Pepin

A perfect cookbook for the budding cook, young or old. Jacques Pepin provides terrific recipes here with easy to find ingredients. What follows are delicious meals that won’t keep you in the kitchen for hours. Best of all: A Grandfather’s Lessons provides you with fun ways to spend quality time with the children in your life.

- Meg


The Book of CheeseThe Book of Cheese by Liz Thorpe

At 400 plus pages, The Book of Cheese can appear daunting. The scope of the book, however, is less noteworthy than the author's unorthodox approach to the subject. She organizes the book not by type of cheese, but rather by identifying nine gateway cheeses which guide the reader based on taste. All the expected details are covered: country and animal of origin, aroma, texture, and flavor. A great companion for delving into the world of cheese. 

- Mandy

Sweet: Desserts from London’s Ottolenghi by Yotam Ottolenghi and Sweet DessertsHelen Goh

This new sensation from chef Ottolenghi focuses on dessert! Sweet features clearly described recipes simple enough for new bakers; and master bakers will find these recipes unusual and refreshing. Learn to make a chocolate cake so perfect it doesn’t need frosting, a sesame seed brittle so easy you don’t use a candy thermometer, and a spice cake where, by changing one ingredient, it goes from fabulous to exotic. Long time bakers here at R.J. Julia Booksellers exclaimed, “Amazing! I need this book!”

- Jamie


Homegrown CookingHomegrown: Cooking from My New England Roots by Matt Jennings

Boston restauranteur Matt Jennings has written a cookbook that celebrates our local foods, traditions, and seasons. Celebrate lobster, corn, New Haven Clam Pizza, steamed cheeseburgers, grinders, Boston Crème Pie, and fried clams as this trailblazing chef pays homage to America's oldest cuisine. Yum! 

- Andrew 


How to Cook Everything Vegetarian by Mark Bittman How to Cook Everything Vegetarian

Cookbooks by Mark Bittman might be the best in the world to own. In his revised 10thAnniversary edition of How to Cook Everything Vegetarian, Bittman shows his strengths by writing a complete, easy to use, delicious to taste, reference on cooking. Written for normal people with normal ingredients who want to cook top notch, healthy vegetarian food.

- Andrew

 Kids' & Young Adult News and Staff Recommendations

Talking animals may be one of the first ways children start to imbue their world with magic. Perhaps that’s why a book paired with a stuffed animal to read to or cuddle with is a favorite gift in our Children's Department.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that it wasn't just books for young children featuring animals. One of my favorite holiday books in our Young Adult section also has an animal in it—a bird. The main character, Sparrow, celebrates the freedom of a bird and her yearning becomes embodied by the soaring creatures.

Let your child’s spirit fly this season with the magic of Christmas!

- Jamie, Kids' Book Buyer

Sleep Tight, Little BearSleep Tight, Little Bear by Britta Teckentrup
Also available in picture book format!

There is something extra sweet about this book. Let your little one say good night with Little Bear and his forest friends as they prepare for their winter’s sleep. Snuggles, and kisses, and hugs…oh my! Ages 0 - 3.

- Lori


Blue Plate Scramble Game 

Kids will love playing this cooperative high paced, fast-flipping, matching card game. Make it through breakfast, lunch, and dinner without making your customers angry and everyone wins! Ages 5+.

- Jamie


SnowbearThe Snowbear by Sean Taylor, illustrated by Claire Alexander

From the first page, fun and vivid illustrations capture the magic of two siblings waking to freshly fallen snow. Ignoring the biting cold, the two venture out to build their Snowbear. But there's a slippery hill and a dark forest and all that lurks inside, just waiting. Grab your hot cocoa, cuddle up, and enjoy this perfect winter's tale. Ages 3 - 6.

- Ginger


Tumble & Blue by Cassie Beasley Tumble and Blue

Were they brought together by fate or coincidence? Tumble and Blue arrive in the small town of Murky Branch, GA, just in time for the red sickle moon and a chance to be the one to ask the legendary alligator, Munch, to change their fates. But if only one person can ask, what happens to the other? Tumble and Blue are about to learn a lot about free will, friendship, and finding your own future.  Ages 8 - 12.

- Laura


SparrowSparrow by Sarah Moon 
Signed copies available while supplies last!

When Sparrow is found on the edge of the roof at school, they think she is going to jump. Nobody believes her when she says that she wasn’t. When Sparrow is released from the hospital and begins therapy, her life slowly starts fighting to fix itself. This is a tale of music, friendship, and finding yourself. I loved this book because Sparrow had such a unique voice. Ages 12+.

Read the rest of this review by Jenna U., Age 13!


Genuine Fraud by e. lockhart Genuine Fraud
Signed copies available while supplies last!

A thrilling, immersive ride through a series of lies, personal reinventions, and a deadly quest for a privileged life. Jule changes herself at will to cover up the destruction she has caused in the lives of others. Cunningly written in a reverse timeline of events, the journey back through the evolution of the girl Jule has become is captivating and fast-paced.  A suspenseful and diabolical story! Ages 12+.

- Kelly


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Pair a simple, handmade wooden spoon with a unique ceramic spoon rest for a great gift to give to someone who loves to cook. Add a fun cutting board shaped like a book - useful and decorative! Reusable bags with a simple, holiday design in gold will be the final, beautiful touch. 

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