Newsletter 12.7.17 Explore The Natural World And Dive Into A Future Classic

 Adult Book News and Staff Recommendations

From the American wolf and the wild Mustang to famous trees and gorgeous birds, several books in this year's holiday catalog highlight our country's love for the natural world.

Science, politics, history, culture, and poetry weave in and out of these nature books. The winter doldrums can be a tough time of year for the outdoors type; below you’ll find perfect gifts to keep loved ones excited for spring.

- Andrew, Adult Book Buyer

The American WolfAmerican Wolf: A True Story of Survival and Obsession in the West 

by Nate Blakeslee

American Wolf, which focuses on the life and adventures of alpha female O-Six and her pack, is one of the most thrilling, affecting books I’ve ever read. O-Six and her family are besieged by rival packs, ranchers, and hunters who would love nothing more than to kill every wolf in America, and by politicians indifferent to the ecological importance of wolves. And yet O-Six, seemingly invincible, endures. Read the rest of Brian's review. 


Wild Horse Country: The History, Myth, and Future of the Mustang Wild Horse Country

by David Philipps

A wild ride through the history of one of the most iconic, truest symbols of our American selves, the triumphant/tragic saga of the wild Mustang is exhilarating yet eye-opening. Protected but misunderstood, the population of one of our country’s first natives is at risk of disappearing. Philipps has written a rich history spanning centuries that delves deeply into the current day crisis, but also gives us hope for the future of this truly amazing animal. - Terri


Wise TreesWise Trees

by Diane Cook and Len Jenshel

Wise Trees is a gorgeous coffee table book depicting 50 wondrous ancient and sacred trees throughout the world. From familiar icons like Isaac Newton's apple tree to the incomprehensibly massive Montezuma Cypress in Mexico, each one is astonishing. Read the rest of Julie's review.


Devotions Devotions by Mary Oliver by Mary Oliver 

Devotions is stunningly honest, incredibly kind, and utterly hopeful. Mary Oliver writes with an essence of knowing, noticing, and pointing out. Pulled from 27 individual publications, the poems in this collection highlight her ability to string together quiet moments, and spin them into profound verse, often grounded in the natural world. This is a must-have for Oliver fans, poetry fanatics, and nature lovers, alike. - Jana


BirdsBirds: The Art of Ornithology 

by Jonathan Elphick

Here’s a book not only for birders, but lovers of art and biographies. While I did indeed spend hours just marveling at the detailed illustrations of the birds, their nests, and their eggs, I also enjoyed reading the history. I found Elphick’s writing approachable and was soon caught up in the voyages that allowed these artists, known and unknown to us, the chance to paint. What makes this a truly magnificent gift is the sumptuous prints included in this box set, perfect for framing. - Susan

Where The Animals Go

Where the Animals Go: Tracking Wildlife with Technology in 50 Maps and Graphics by James Cheshire and Oliver Uberti 

Where the Animals Go is a joy to read for lovers of animals, science, and graphics. Cheshire and Uberti tell highly engaging and well-researched stories of how animals navigate the world and the relationship their navigation has with surrounding human populations. The maps and graphics are beautiful to look at and bring to life environments and landscapes I had no familiarity with. After reading this book, you will want to study the animal kingdom in further detail. - Danny

 Kids' & Young Adult News and Staff Recommendations

Is it the nostalgic depictions of Santa Claus that put us in the mood for a classic at this time of year? Or, is it the long winter nights that lay ahead? In any case, I am not surprised that many of our holiday catalog books either reference a classic story or are themselves on their way to becoming classics. 

Come in and take a look - some of the novels are even illustrated! Don't forget an adorable classic porcelain tea set so everyone can have a proper tea on Christmas Day!

- Jamie, Kids' Book Buyer

Tea Party SetPorcelain Fairy Blossom
Tea Party Set 

Gather all the dolls and stuffed animals- there's a tea party to attend! This charming porcelain tea set is delicately painted with pink butterflies, daisies, and a fairy; it can be safely stored in the sparkly case. Ages 3+.

- JamieBuildablock

Buildablock by Christopher Franceschelli, illustrated by Peskimo
Buildablock is just as fun, clever, and beautiful as the rest of the books in the alphablock series. A perfect gift for a child who can’t get enough of construction sites, this inventive book showcases a wide range of construction equipment. I think I even learned something! Ages 0 - 3. - Kelly 


William's Winter NapWilliam's Winter Nap by Linda Ashman, illustrated by Chuck Groenink
On a cold winter’s night, William is visited by a progression of animals of increasing size, each requesting a warm place to rest their head. When a bear shows up, the other guests are reluctant to share their space in bed, but William’s generosity has warmed them to accepting one last friend. Fun to read with expressive illustrations, this is a beautiful tale of sharing.

Ages 3 - 6. - Terri


The Purloining of Prince OleomargarineThe Purloining of Prince Oleomargarine
by Mark Twain and Philip C. Stead,
illustrated by Erin Stead

America’s greatest storyteller isn’t finished yet. Culled from Twain's notes, scribbled down after some particularly good bedtime stories for his daughters, Philip and Erin Stead have brought to life a lost tale. Complete with talking animals, mad kings, and magic seeds, this story is sure to satisfy the young and put a smile on the face of the old. Though the story is for children, Twain does not spare us his trademark wit and social commentary. Ages 5 - 8. - Andrew 


The Wind in the WillowsThe Wind in the Willows
by Kenneth Grahame,
illustrated by Sebastian Meschenmoser

Rediscover The Wind in the Willows with this beautifully illustrated new edition! The friendship, adventures, and high-jinks of Mole, Ratty, Badger, and Toad in this timeless story are perfectly suited for sharing across generations.

Ages 4 - 8. - Laura


The Unlikely Story of a Pig in the CityThe Unlikely Story of a Pig in the City
by Jodi Kendall, illustrated by Pascal Campion

This charming story is a feel-good realistic fiction account (based on the author's childhood!) of Josie, a girl in a large family struggling to make ends meet, but still having space in their hearts (if not in their apartment!) for a little pig runt named Hamlet. With gymnastics finals coming, and Dad's deadline to find a home for Hamlet, Josie discovers the strength she needs resides in her herself, her family, and her friends. A thoroughly modern tale that feels like a classic! Ages 8 - 12. - Jamie


NevermoorNevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow
by Jessica Townsend

Grab your brollies (umbrellas) and take a leap - that's what Morrigan Crow must do, trusting the strange Jupiter North, a man who rescues her from her cursed 11th birthday. But she soon finds she has been volunteered to compete for a place in the magical Wundrous Society, for which she is completely unprepared. Help from her new friend Hawthorne evens the playing field, but cannot prepare her for what she ultimately learns about herself. A great magical adventure! Ages 8 - 12. - Jamie 



Nyxia by Scott Reintgen 
What a thrilling, well written debut novel for both guys and gals. Scott Reintgen has skillfully achieved a balance of compelling plot with highly authentic characters that drive the story forward. A former high school teacher, Reintgen has used his experiences to create relatable characters in a classroom-like scenario, but in an outer space setting—I couldn’t help but like Emmet and wanted to know what would happen to him next. Whether you’re a fan of sci-fi or not, you will love this book! I absolutely did! Ages 12+. - Susan


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