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Listen to Roxanne Coady, founder of RJ Julia Booksellers, interview the very best nonfiction authors. Come hear the stories behind the books you want to read!


The Palace PapersHighlights from the Episode

"When the queen does pass, it's going to be the most amazing period of national mourning and national identity crisis and global reflection on identity and her amazing 70 years."


"One of the things that I found so admirable about the Queen and I really did come to love her by the end of the book... she knew how to play the long game. She could see beyond the ephemeral, beyond the bobbles."

"There'll be no monarch who can occupy the space that the Queen has. But I do think that there's no particular desire to end the monarchy. It is a focus for the national aspiration and unity, as we saw in the jubilee. It is a rallying point for national feeling. The real focus will be on William and Kate. And I think that they're proving that they will be extremely accomplished in the role. Will they have the size of spotlight gravitas? No, they won't. And therefore, inevitably, [the monarchy] will shrink somewhat. I think that there will be a lot of modernization going on."

"The crown is all about service, being a part of the monarchy, and the royal family, it is about service. That is a definition. The definition of service is you don't get paid for it."

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