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RJ Julia Newsletter

7.12.18 Newsletter

Newsletter: July 12, 2018

A Note from Brian, RJ Julia's Adult Book Buyer:

Tuesday mornings are my favorite time of the week.

I am most definitely NOT a morning person, but on Tuesdays I pop out of bed with minimal effort. As I walk to my car, I notice that I have a little extra pep in my step. I can assure you that I adhere to the rules of the road, but on my Tuesday morning commute, I am Lord of the Passing Lane, driving just ever so slightly faster than I do on other mornings. I must. I am powerless to do otherwise. I have no choice.

Dear Reader: Summer Reading

Dear Reader,

It's that time of year when we are ready to surrender to time for naps and walks, and of course, reading. Whether it is the beach or a lazy morning in bed or a comfy chair in the shade, summer is the time for reading.

I have put together a list that might help...

6.28.18 Newsletter

Newsletter: June 28, 2018

A Note from Andrew, RJ Julia's Adult Book Buyer:

Of all the newsletters that I write in a year, I look forward to this one with great anticipation! Once we reach late June, almost all the best summer reads have hit the shelves. Indeed, we are already looking at many of the best books of the entire year - soon to be featured on all the "best of" lists to come.   

Since I enjoy doing this summer review so much, I’m even splitting it in two and making you wait 'til July for fiction picks. Without further ado, here are our best non-fiction summer reads of 2018!

Dear Reader Allison Pearson

Want to laugh up a storm? 

Have a conversation that is fun and meaningful? About being 30? Being 50?  
Allison Pearson has sold 4 million copies of her first book, I Don’t Know How She Does It, for a reason. 

She manages to be hilarious, smart, and incredibly insightful about the issues confronting moms today.

Her new book How Hard Can It Be does it again.

I just interviewed her yesterday for the Just the Right Book Podcast and you will not be disappointed – she was amazing!

Don’t miss it! Bring your friends and we'll provide the wine, the fun, and a brilliant author - a perfect Friday night!

See you in the store,

Roxanne J. Coady

6.7.18 Newsletter

Newsletter: June 7, 2018

A Note from Andrew, RJ Julia's Adult Book Buyer:

As a still relatively new Dad, I’m starting to settle into Father’s Day. 

Once minted as a parent, the expectations for your own celebrations (birthdays, anniversaries) go quickly downhill in lieu of your new roommate. Yet, the bike riding teacher, the garbage man, the taxi driver, the short order cook, the lawn mower, the spider killer, the boo-boo kisser, deserves his day. 

One of these terrific reads, along with ample time for an afternoon nap, will ensure an enjoyable day for dear old Dad. Our booksellers are always ready to recommend books for dad (or you!) when you visit the store! 

5.17.18 Newsletter

Newsletter May 17, 2018

A Note from Andrew, RJ Julia's Adult Book Buyer:

As a colleague of mine mused recently, with a graduation gift you’re ultimately trying to give good advice. True enough. However, there is no one on earth as self-assured as a recent college graduate. 

They’ve just been lauded for their intelligence and giving them life pointers is going to take some creativity. The books below are both entertaining and practical in a way that won’t come off as preachy. 

Visiting the store for a closer look? Be sure to speak with our booksellers about their favorite graduate gifts - both to give and receive! We are ready to help you find the perfect gift for the grad in your life!

Dear Reader Mothers Day 2018

Newsletter May 10th, 2018

I have been struggling to compose my annual Mother's Day message. If we still typed on typewriters, you would see me amidst one draft or another, reflected in the scrunched up pile of papers all around me. 

I thought about “the meant to be hilarious” pretend help-wanted ads for mothers — you know the ones:

Applicant must be willing to work 136 hours a week, no pay, no benefits; skill set includes CEO/COO type executive skills, master chef, therapist, logistics coordinator, chief negotiator, nurse/doctor, teacher, and IT skills a plus.

PreSale: McCain, Meachem, Reese

Newsletter May 5th, 2018

MAY'S MUST-READS! Pre-Order and Save!

5.3.18 Newsletter

Newsletter May 3, 2018

A mother and her teenager sharing a book is one of the best kept secrets to good parenting!

What these moms know is that it’s a great way to hear your teen’s insight and perspective from the safe distance of a character in a book. Or sometimes you can just share a laugh! Whether conversation is inspired by Hamilton or Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda, there’s plenty to talk about.

If your child is still young enough to sit on Mom’s lap, choose from an old favorite or browse a few of our new favorites!