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Sweet Dreams Bundle

sweet dreams bundleSLEEP MORE SOUNDLY WITH


Unlock the powerful wisdom of dreams. This enchanting book teaches readers to listen to the wisdom of their unconscious mind and tap into their innermost desires through the art of intuitive dream interpretation. Luminous Dreams provides a range of rituals — energy practices, crystal work, affirmations, and more — to prepare the dreamer for slumber, promote peaceful sleep, and enhance dream recall.

Good Morning, Good Night Deck offers ways to both start and end your day right. Each card has two prompts: Turn to the morning side for ways to awaken your body, from energizing yoga stretches to inspiring meditations; flip to the night side to unwind from your day with calming reflections and encouraging mantras. Each card's prompts can be used in tandem for a full-day practice or drawn at random when you need a little boost to your morning or night. Reflecting the moods of each side of the card, this vibrant deck uses a hue of yellow for the morning side and a hue of blue for the night side, creating a vibrant deck to help inspire your day.

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