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Weather Watcher

Wild Weather

Featuring Wild Weather: The Myths, Science, and Wonder of Weather 

and Cloud Spotter Cards.

This is the perfect gift for weather enthusiasts everywhere and those who want to reconnect with the weather and embrace what is happening on the other side of the window.

Wild Weather is a fun, easy-to-read guide to understanding the wonders of weather – from why it rains to cloud formations, from extreme weather events to the benefits of sunlight. Wild Weather is a beautifully illustrated book that explores the science of weather events and how they happen, but also the myth and folklore associated with weather patterns. Chapters include: sunshine and rainbows, wind, rain, thunder and lightning, snow and ice. The book also includes a cloud spotting guide and is packed with exercises on how to make the most of even the rainiest of days.

Cloud Spotter Cards encourage you to pause for a moment and look up at the skies. There is ever-changing beauty to behold in the cloudscape. These cards will help you learn the difference between common cloud types (do you know your cirrostratus from your cumulonimbus?) and find out which is most likely to herald the arrival of the rains or approaching fair weather.

  • 30 illustrated cards plus an altitude map poster and introduction to cloud spotting.
  • Learn the difference between common cloud types and find out more about their formation and what they may mean for the day ahead.
  • A mindful new challenge to break through the constant noise of our busy modern world.
  • An inspirational gift for those who want to stay connected with nature and find some headspace in a busy world.
  • The author, Gavin Pretor-Pinney founded the Cloud Appreciation Society and is an established author on the cloud spotting.
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