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Wise Leaders 2020 Graduation Bundle

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It's taken four years to earn that degree, so let's celebrate that graduation. This bundle collects interviews with some of the wisest leaders in modern history. 

Ruth Bader GinsburgThe inimitable Ruth Bader Ginsburg, an associate justice of the US Supreme Court, embodies the power of persistence and integrity. Throughout her legal career, spanning nearly five decades, she has been an unwavering force for progress and a leading voice for equality and justice. Here, she reflects on her many years of service to the law, as well as her family life and struggle with cancer. With disarming honesty, Ginsburg discusses everything from gender equality and fitness to literature and the importance of hard work. Strong, hopeful and wise, her words stand as a guide for budding feminists and those who fight for justice around the world.


MandelaWith stories from his closest colleagues paired with his own words, this book explores the many challenges Mandela faced and the guiding principles that enabled him to lead a country away from violence to peace and democracy. Anti-apartheid revolutionary Nelson Mandela devoted his life to ensuring liberation, equality, and justice for the people of South Africa. This landmark book series brims with messages of leadership, courage, compassion, and hope.


ThunbergAt just fifteen, Greta Thunberg became one of today's most prominent climate change activists—her impassioned calls for action on global warming have captured hearts and minds around the world. In this inspiring interview, Thunberg discusses the irrefutable facts surrounding climate change, the need to hold political figures and lawmakers accountable, and why every person has the power to make a difference.