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YIMBY Pro-Housing Reads

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The Importance of Equitable, Affordable,

and Sustainable Housing for Everyone

YIMBY Action is a national network of community members who advocate for abundant, affordable housing and inclusive, sustainable communities across the United States. We have over 40,000 supporters across the country, with 43 chapters in 16 states and D.C. Through our network, chapters and activists have access to education, training, and tools to advocate for housing at the local, state, and federal levels. We bring people together to help create a future where everyone has access to stable housing and opportunity.

These reading lists were curated by YIMBY Action with the goal of growing awareness of the pro-housing movement. If you are new to the movement, these books are a helpful resource to help you learn more about the history of housing in the U.S. and gain some insights from experts on solutions to the housing crisis we are seeing throughout the country. A portion of the proceeds from sales of these hand-picked titles will be donated to YIMBY Action by RJ Julia Booksellers.